GNOME 3.0 is released!

Now GNOME 3.0 is released, and we can get or breath for a short while…

Thanks for everybody who have worked on 3.0 to make it such a great and successfull release! You are all SOOO awesome! Especially the danish translation team; Kenneth Nielsen, Ask H. Larsen, Joe Hansen, Anders Jenbo – whom I have worked with to make GNOME 3.0 even more awesome for the danish users.

I’m really happy to say…


An echo in perspective…

Hello World Wide Web!

There has happened quite a lot since last time I posted here. I have dropped the Gnome Art team in favor of Fedora Design-team – and those people rocks the sh*t out of it! 😀

My main project in Fedora Design-team is to help with the “new” Echo Perspective icon-theme. I have done three icons so far – user-desktop, utilities-system-monitor & utilities-terminal – and more is in the works.

user-desktop icon
utilities-system-monitor icon
utilities-terminal icon

Take a look and tell me what you think 🙂 This would help me a lot.

The next thing I would like to tell about is that I have almost translated Fedora 12 to Danish! I still need two po-files, I think. The plan is that I have translated all of it when Fedora 12 have translation freeze.

The last thing is that I have started at my senior year two days ago. I’m really excited to get started and hope the year will go fast so I can be graduated! 😀

That’s all for now, see you!

Usability writings about Rhythmbox

Today I have used some time to observe and write a bit about some usabilty problems I have found in the music player Rhythmbox.
Everything I have written in my PDF is from my point of view – but I have tried to argument with links to the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines.
I really hope that you can see what I mean and support me in this 🙂 If some of the developers see this blogpost I hope that you will take this into consideration – and eventually give me a comment about why you do as you do 🙂


Download the PDF here!

New to art, blogs – but very productive…

Hello World!

This is my first blogentry on my new blog – I hope you will enjoy it.
The blog will be my showroom for my artwork, as well as a place where I share my thoughts about what’s happening in the GNOME, Fedora & Linux world.

First at all, I need to present myself
I’m an 18 year old boy from a little European countrycalled Denmark – it’s right above Germany. My name is Kris; “Hello!”.
In the Linux world, I contribute with the Danish Fedora translations – actually I’m the Danish maintainer – and besides that I try to do a little artwork for the GNOME-art team; “Hi people!” 😀

Enough talk about me, let’s talk about me
I have in the last week or so tried to make some artwork, which I want to show to you here.
First I have made an icon for GNOME-mud – it’s the first in a series of… Maybe three (don’t know how many I actually want to do yet) – a crown:

Tim Horton, a GSoC student this year!, also made a request for ideas to tiles for Light Off – and here is my try, not sure if it’s finished yet:
Tiles for Lights Off

The last thing I have worked on is more of a personal character – a new Metacity theme, right now it’s only a mockup, and I’m not sure if it’s even possible to make it into a real theme; but anyway, I want to give it a try:
Metacity mockup

But, give me a comment if you like some of my stuff, and tell me what you like, and what that can be made better!

Bye for now!